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Washing and Painting all types of surfaces

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We offer services: washing and painting roofs, facades, fences, as well as any metal, concrete and wooden structures. We work only with professional equipment: pressure washer and airless paint system.

Our Top-Notch Services

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Roof cleaning and painting

# Roof cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner.
# Application of protection with an antiseptic to prevent the development of corrosion of the fungus and the appearance of moss.
#Applying a primer to improve surface adhesion to paint.
#Airless roof painting in two coats

Facade cleaning and painting

# Cleaning the surface of the facade from dust and old paint.r
# If necessary, restore the plaster layer
#Applying a primer to improve surface adhesion to paint.
#Airless facade painting in two layers.

Painting walls and ceilings

Cleaning the surface of walls and ceilings from dust and dirt.
If necessary, remove the old coating.
If necessary, level the surface of walls and ceilings.
Applying a primer to improve surface adhesion to paint.
Applying several coats of paint..

If you are thinking how to clean your metal roof or facade, then it is better to contact us! You will save your time, energy and nerves by 100%!


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Additional services

In addition to washing and painting, IzmailStroy offers a number of other great repair services

Tile installation

Laminate flooring installation

Linoleum flooring installation

Plaster walls and ceilings

Drywall installation

Window slopes installation


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